Wednesday, March 01, 2006

9000 Visitors!

Visitor 9000 comes from Pasadena, California, via Verizon Internet. He (or she) was looking for information about using a Shuttlepro jog-dial with PACS. I've tried to do that, as you know, without much luck. For what it's worth, I got a keymap from a kind soul on the Agfa users' group. This will work for Agfa, and should work for other systems with minor modifications:


1 ---F5
2 ---F6
3 ---F7
4 ---F8
5 ---page up
6 ---page down
7 -
8 ---page up
9 ---page down
10 -
11 --Enter
12 --F9
13 --Alt + Tab
14 --home
15 --end
jog left -----page up
jog right ---page down
shuttle in

Left 7 ---page up 60 frames/sec
Left 6 ---page up 45 frames/sec
Left 5 ---page up 30 frames/sec
Left 4 ---page up 15 frames/sec
Left 3 ---page up 10 frames/sec
Left 2 ---page up 5 frames/sec
Left 1 ---page up 2 frames/sec
Centered -
Right 1 --page down 2 frames/sec
Right 2 --page down 5 frames/sec
Right 3 --page down 10 frames/sec
Right 4 --page down 15 frames/sec
Right 5 --page down 30 frames/sec
Right 6 --page down 45 frames/sec
Right 7 --page down 60 frames/sec
Shuttle in transition (all) -

The old joke about 2001: A Space Odyssey, is that "HAL" was wordplay on IBM, one letter off for each, right? Arthur C. Clarke (or was it Stanley Kubrick?) denied this, claiming that it stood for Heuristic ALgorithm. Whatever. Gary Lockwood was one of the stars of the movie, along with Keir Dullea.

It is a little known fact, at least to those who don't dabble in such trivia, that Mr. Lockwood starred in the second Star Trek pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", along with Sally Kellerman:

Because of the Star Trek connection, Mr. Lockwood is a frequent convention guest. The photo with my son below was taken at the 2004 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Photos with a straight face are more expensive, I guess, although I did buy a copy of the famous "pod photo" above signed by both Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Dullea.

This all gives me an idea for a new podcast. How about "2006: A PACS Oddity"? All of HAL's memory now fits on a 2 GB thumb-drive, and Dave kills him by pulling it out of its USB socket. I'm sorry, Dalai, I'm afraid I can't do that....

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