Friday, May 05, 2006

California Legislature To Tom Cruise:
NO MORE ULTRASOUND! reports today on a bill in the California Assembly designed to thwart private individuals from buying their own ultrasound scanners for home use:

The bill (A.B. 2360) was introduced by Lieu in March. An amended version of the bill, dated May 1, states that violation of the proposed law would carry a criminal misdemeanor charge. The bill was slated for its third reading on the Assembly floor on Thursday.
"If someone sees Tom Cruise buy one, they think this is the thing to do. This is a public safety measure. There's really no medical reason for an untrained person to use this machine," according to Lieu (
E!Online, May 4, 2006).

Personally, I'm not sure how many private folks out there are going to cough up $100,000-$300,000 for their own private sonography suite. I also have to wonder whether the California legislature has anything better to do.

Now, we all know that Tom is really into Scientology, which spurns much of conventional medicine. I am glad to see him embrace some of our technology. You may know that Scientology uses a device called an Electropsychometer, or E-meter for short, to perform Auditing. Here is an image of the L. Ron Hubbard Mark-VII Super Electropsychometer:

Very impressive. From the Scientology website, we learn that:

When the person holding the E-Meter electrodes thinks a thought, looks at a picture, reexperiences an incident or shifts some part of the reactive mind, he is moving and changing actual mental mass and energy. These changes in the mind influence the tiny flow of electrical energy generated by the E-Meter, causing the needle on its dial to move. The needle reactions on the E-Meter tell the auditor where the charge lies, and that it should be addressed through auditing.

Couldn't Tom and Katie have just looked in on little Suri with one of these instead?

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Sumer Sethi said...

what i am concerned about Tom Cruise buying an USG machine to do US on his unborn baby is the trend.. people tend to follow trends set by celebraties
Also although USG is very safe examination .. is it still safe if done 24 X 7 or whenever Mr cruise feels like seeing his baby..
is it a tool for registered medical practitioner or is US a method of recreation pregnant celebraties..