Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anti-Semitic Radiology Residents???

I take the pulse of the world of Radiology via The Residents' Digital Forum is always lively, with discussions of topics ranging from politics to how to go about switching residency programs.

The political threads can get rather intense, with conservative posters (often called Neocons, Right-Wingers, Bushies) going head-to-head with liberal posters (Leftists, Socialists, Bush-haters, Commies). You get the idea!

Israel, Islam, Iraq, and the Mideast situation in general creates a flash-point for discussion. The usual polarization is present within these threads, but I have noticed a very ominous trend: there are now several blatantly anti-Semitic posts. Here is a thread about the current war between Israel and the Hezbollah in Lebanon. I won't even try to discuss the issues of the war itself here; that's beside the point I am trying to make. The AuntMinnie thread contains a considerable majority of anti-Israel sentiment: Israel is bloodthirsty, Israelis are the real terrorists, America is stupid for supporting Israel. Fine. But then come the racist rants: The media and Congress are Jew-run, Jew this, Jew that. It makes my blood freeze. You see, this forum is on a RADIOLOGY web-site, and is geared toward residents (although old farts like me drop in periodically.) These comments are ostensibly from intelligent young physicians! What has happened? I wish I knew. But I can only speculate. There is a lot of frustration out there, and a tremendous amount of anger, mainly on the part of the liberal posters anyway, about our involvement in Iraq, and about President Bush. I don't know if this is manifesting into anti-Semitic sentiments de novo, or just unmasking such feelings that were already there. Either way, the fact that supposedly smart people are rehashing material from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (an anti-Semitic tome from years ago) makes me worry. A lot. What will happen to this country, and to Israel, for that matter, when this angry young generation comes of age and acquires real political power?

Those who hate destroy themselves just as much as the objects of their hatred. You might not be able to prove that scientifically, but it is so nonetheless. I hope these kids learn that before too much longer.


Anonymous said...

Your observations are right on. I see this kind of racist behavior directed against Jews, blacks, latinos and others. As always in times of stress anyone who is different becomes the overt target.

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily agree with a trend of anti-Semitism on One who doesn't agree with Israel's actions does not equal an anti-Semite. Some of Israel's biggest critics are Jewish. It seems everyone is quick to label people as "racist" and anti-semite after arguing against Israel. I, personally, have not participated in the discussion. Traditionally an Israeli supporter, I have mixed feelings after the current military operation.

Anonymous said...

>I take the pulse of the world of Radiology via

I guess more than one "old fart" is trolling on Aunt Minnie's boards :-).

As a 100% nuke, I am looking with a great interest at all those posts about cards/rads CCTA, and I wonder if we (euro nukes) shan't be the ones who will offer the cards a shared access to an hybrid tool, if the rads keep on thinking we are neglictable.

Best regards. Will dig on your blog for PACS informations.

ps: anti semitism has never been worse here in France since WWII, since america did invade Irak. B/C being anti-Israel leads many shortminded people to convert it into anti-semitism against long time french settled jew families who have nothing to see with Israel (should we hate all the muslims b/c we do dislike the muslim terrorists?).

This rampant anti-seminism is especially true from the uneducated unassimilated muslim young migrants.

Patrick. France.

Anonymous said...

The root of the problem is Muslims don't recognize the right for Jews to have their own country in a region dominated by Islam. They don't want Jews to have even this previously worthless piece of land (other than some religious significance). This is troublesome as they clearly want the whole WORLD for Islam, essentially looking for world domination. I support Israel's operations in Lebanon as defense of one of the few areas in the world where independence from this tide can be seen. The insane Islamo-fascists have to learn not to tread where they are not welcome in invading a sovereign peaceful country. Lebanon's support for Hezbollah justifies the punishment due.

Anonymous said...

There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world. They are not a monolithic group which can be distilled to simplistic descriptions, like seeking "world domination." I think most intelligent people will recognize this as a fundamentally dishonest comment.

Certainly, most Muslim radiologists I know enjoy excellent relationships with their Jewish friends and co-workers.

Certainly, anti-semitism and racism are problems, even in radiology. For me and other Muslim radiologists, one of the most alarming things is when others make anti-semitic comments in confidence to us, assuming we secretly hate all Jews! I make sure they quickly realize that is a mistake and won't be tolerated.

It is in the best interest of Muslims, Jews, and other minorities in medicine to realize they are all vulnerable to some degree. Tolerating inappropriate comments does not serve anyone well.