Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Visitor Twenty Thousand!!!!

It's really unbelievable. My humble little blog has been hit 20,000 times! And the vast majority were not from me! Visitor number 20,000 is actually comes by frequently; he (or she) is from Montevideo, Uruguay! I would love to know more details about your PACS and your hospital. Drop me a comment below. Does your facility need a visit from Dr. Dalai? Send me a ticket and I'll be there!

I'm sure there are those out there that view me as somewhat of a terror, if I've even reached their threshold of attention. Well, maybe I'm more of a terrier than a terror...I sink my teeth into an issue and then I just won't let go. As I love my Jack Russell Terrier dearly, that's a compliment. Much more to come!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Hi Dalai,

Don't know if its me, but would be a pleasure to be visitor 20.000!!
I don't actually work for a hospital, but I am engineer developing PACS software: www.charruasoft.com
There is not a full fledged PACS installed in Uruguay, but some based in open source packages like DCM4CHE. Big brands are quite expensive for our market.
Rafael Sanguinetti