Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here Wii Go!
...A new pointing device for PACS?

There has been much discussion of how to point at your CT on the workstation. Most of us still use the venerable old mouse, while some have graduated to trackballs, joysticks, jog-shuttle dials, and even roller-mice.

An Italian college student by the name of Giorgio has come up with something new, that I think has great promise. Some of you have probably succumbed to your kids' pleadings for a new Nintendo Wii, which isn't all that expensive at around $200. The Wii's claim to fame is its entirely different approach to game control: the Wii-mote, consisting of a wand or nunchuck, and a little joystick control on another little pod:

You control the various games by moving the nunchuck in a natural manner. For example, hold it like a golf-club or a tennis racket and swing appropriately. A tiny accelerometer inside the nunchuck translates the motion into control signals for the Wii. Note the included wrist-strap designed to keep the nunchuck in your hand after a vicious slice, thus avoiding injury to yourself, others, and your TV.

Giorgio has hacked the Wii-mote and via a control system called GlovePIE, he has made it operate a CT display. Based on his video, he hasn't yet tried it on 3D renderings, MPR, etc, but that would be the next logical step.

Now can I get a Wii, Mom?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read about the use of the Wii, thanks. I've just published a piece on the crossover between gaming and medical technology, including value of the PS3 chip, which might be of interest:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr D... Don't know if Giorgio has moved it to 3D yet but this:

... is awfully close