Friday, May 11, 2007

New Trix From Impax 6

Silly Agfa, Trix are for Kids, not for PACS!

In the last few days, I noticed that my profile on Impax had changed in subtle ways. Different worklists than those I had selected were displayed, there were different columns of information within those worklists. Some of my tools and display settings were not as I had left them.

I thought I was crazy, which is probably true anyway, but now, some of my partners are noticing the same thing! Our PACS people are looking into this, but I see only a few possibilities:

  1. Someone is getting in there and messing up the settings

  2. There is some problem with the communication between our three production servers, and settings are getting tweaked somehow in that process

  3. The data tables are becomming corrupted...seems to me things would have deteriorated a lot more if that were the case

  4. The damn thing is haunted

Personally, I'm voting for #4. I'll keep you informed.

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