Friday, July 13, 2007

OOPS, I Did It Again....
Dalai's Laws of PACS Published!

I'm published again! has graciously posted a revised and expanded version of Dalai's Laws of PACS, accessible here. I guess it was a slow news-day.

I'm waiting for the, um, comments from my friends in IT.

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Anonymous said...

Ok here goes from an IT friend:

PACS IS the Radiology department? Two points to that - surely PACS/RIS IS the Radiology department. And lets not forget PACS IS outside the Radiology department also.

From the AM notes to XI: "There is absolutely no way in the known universe to successfully implement PACS without a guru". You're right. but that's wrong.

The other laws are spot on, but needn't be there if vendors weren't the way they are. And a lot of those would be much less important if a truely high quality open source PACS were available. It's VERY early stages yet but keep an eye here