Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Latest Contender For The Ultimate PACS Pointing Device

Meet the unpretentious-looking ZCam from 3DV Systems. What's new about this little camera?

3DV Systems has developed a unique video imaging technology and camera for sensing distance in real-time between an imaging sensor and the objects in its field of view (i.e. the objects' depth), at high speed and high resolution. The technology, which is based on the Time-of-Flight principle, is described thoroughly in several publications by the company's founders and engineers, and is well protected by international patents.

Follow the links to the presentations if you wish. The important thing is that this technology yields the same effect as waving around the Wii controller, but without the controller. Here is a video clip from 3DV Systems that illustrates this point:

I normally do a lot of hand-waving while reading my studies, but with this technology, that could actually be productive. I'm looking forward to playing with this as soon as I can get hold of one!

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Anonymous said...

That's deadly. Might show the vid to some of our guys in OR.