Thursday, April 10, 2008

Party At SIIM

I am planning to attend the 2008 SIIM meeting in Seattle next month. This is the first time I've gone since 2003, when SIIM was SCAR. I'm looking forward to catching up and learning new things. Expect many amusing posts from the exhibit floor.

It seems that one of the large companies is sponsoring a big party at the Seattle Space Needle:

Enjoy a new view. You’ll be on top of the world in Seattle’s acclaimed Space Needle, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie of the 2008 Welcome Reception. . . Check out the view 520 feet in the sky, and enjoy beautiful vistas of the Seattle skyline and harbor. All meeting attendees with registration badges are invited to this enjoyable evening of food, drink, collegial relaxation, and networking. Don’t forget to wear your badge and bring your drink tickets!

Uh...did they say 520 feet in the sky? As in 520 feet down to the ground? Hmmmm... Could be a little dangerous for some of us. Maybe I'll just get room service...

Anyway, I do hope to meet some of you in Seattle! No concealed weapons, please.


waikikiTed said...

I LOVE your Blog - read it religiously for quite awhile now.

Thought you might find this interesting.



Anonymous said...

I will bring you a parachute

roentgen said...

Thanks for the hilarious and witty posts - I look forward to reading your blog each time :D