Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dalai For President!!!

My friend Mike Cannavo, the One and Only PACSMan, informed me today that I am somewhat more popular than I might have guessed. It seems that there is a movement afoot to draft me for the highest office in the land. I can't say that I'm terribly surprised, as I'm sure I could do a very good job at it, and I wouldn't mind the accouterments that go with the office, such as tootling around on Air Force One.

I've even received news coverage on one of the big New York Stations, News3 as seen on THIS web-page (I can't get the video to embed properly. . .)

Vote for me and I'll deliver tax-cuts to everyone except those that work for large imaging equipment companies, I'll bring the price of gasoline down to $1 per gallon, and I'll ban all Prisuses.

Yes, anyone in America can grow up to be President! Now, all I have to do is grow up! And stop playing practical jokes on my readers. . .

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Anonymous said...

Time to move to Mexico :)