Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get a PACS! Centricity IW On eBay, only $45,000!

It had to happen. eBay seller gadgets3001 is offering for your consideration a server loaded with Centricity PACS-IW!

Dynamic Imaging Solutions' Centricity® PACS-IW (formerly Dynamic Imaging IntegradWeb® PACS) number one for the seventh consecutive quarter.

Centricity ® PACS-IW is Ranked The #1 PACS!
Centricity PACS-IW is a standards-based, single user interface, Web-based PACS for new and replacement PACS. Unlimited volume-based licensing with either turnkey or software-only deployment enables users to maximize access using a cost-effective, highly scalable model. Access from any Internet connection is completely portable with a personalized user experience tailored to the user ID without limitation to viewer tools (e.g., 3D, MIP/MPR) or capabilities of the active study list.

Centricity PACS-IW, which uses native tools for paperless operations (document scanning), print pages (key images), industry-standard IHE Portable Data Imaging (PDI) CD burning, and simple referring physician access for imaging results, is available for outpatient imaging centers, physician offices and hospitals of all sizes. Its Web-based architecture enables rapid implementation, administration and support from anywhere, as well as solutions for high availability and disaster recovery. In addition to core PACS functionality, integrated RIS/PACS solution and clinical integrations to orthopedic templating, advanced visualization, nuclear medicine and digital mammography primary interpretation solutions are also available as optional modules.

I'm assuming the software is included, although the specs on the ad indicate that hard-drives are NOT. This could be a problem. Frankly, I'm wondering just how much of a PACS this does include. You likely would have to add your own RAID, and this doesn't seem to include the $200,000 GE Linux server. I'm guessing this is just the Dynamic Imaging/GE Web server, probably an earlier version than what GE sells today, but I could be wrong.

This could be yours for the Buy-It-Now price of $45,000, or feel free to make an offer!

Additional information from the seller:

Dear Doctor Dalai,

Latest version of Dynamic Imaging Solutions' Centricity® PACS-IW (formerly Dynamic Imaging IntegradWeb® PACS) Server has been operational only since October of 2007 and been as a production server only for 6 month. Latest upgrade was in August of 2008. The server is on line?.I would be able to give to demo user name and password fill free to explore and view some studies ( DR,US,MG,MR,CR,CT). Please let me know.

IntegradWeb is a comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use image access and management system. It streamlines image distribution for medical professionals and their staff by eliminating time and distance bottlenecks. IntegradWeb cuts equipment and storage costs for hospitals, imaging centers and medical groups. It allows clinicians to be more mobile and all operations to be more efficient and traceable. IntegradWeb includes all the features you'll need to access and manage studies. It handles Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), ultrasound (US), nuclear medicine (NM), computerized radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), DEXA (DX), special procedures and Interventional radiography (XA), PET/CT scan (PT), and many other (OT) kinds of exams. A robust toolset allows you to measure, cross-reference, window, synchronize and re-position images, as well as to view them in dynamic motion. You can also print, copy and email images and studies. These are only a few of the features that help you establish and distribute diagnoses. With this comprehensive feature set, you make no sacrifice in flexibility. IntegradWeb can be configured to fit your workflow and preferences, even when those preferences vary from user to user. You can add or remove features, toolbars, menu items and shortcuts and tailor the way certain features work in your instance of the application. IntegradWeb requires no complex programming or coding to make these modifications.

I suspect $45K is a real bargain, but I'm wondering how GE is going to handle licensing and service for whoever buys this.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Centricity's PACS was the #1 rated? Did I miss that survey?...Hey Dr. D, is this a good deal? How much do you think it is really worth? (Sorry my PACS purchasing knowledge is trivial being I'm a resident and all).

aycan digital said...

Dear Dr. Dalai,

do you know how the auction ended up?


Stephan Popp

Dalai said...

The Auction goes through March 14, I think.... It's not over yet!

aycan digital said...

The PACS was not sold. Unexpected?!


Stephan Popp

aycan digital said...

The PACS is back on ebay again.


Unknown said...

4HD included: 146GB * 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 3Gbps 3.5-in Cabled Hard Drive ... Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 5

Anonymous said...

My husband sells this software. I won't quote him directly but say that net, net... it would not be recommended to buy this product off ebay.

Unknown said...

Why NOT?