Friday, March 13, 2009


While I have great expectations for iPhone PACS clients, I'm not sure they will completely do the trick. The iPhone is, after all, just a phone, right? To be fair, it's a really nice and powerful phone, running a limited version of Mac software, but, well, it just isn't a full-fledged computer.

So, enter Parvus. They make a lot of toys for the military, but this one caught my eye:

Behold the Parvus Zypad WL1100 Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer!

Now this ain't no toy, folks:

The Zypad® WL1100 Wrist Worn Personal Computer is a powerful computing device designed to be worn comfortably on the user’s wrist for hands-free operation.

The wearability and hands-free operation of the ZYPAD prevents it from being dropped while in use and overcomes the physical limitations associated with normal hand-held computers.

From its original concept the ZYPAD WL1100 has been designed to be as flexible as possible maximizing its potential application areas. The Zypad’s light-weight, versatile and completely hands-free convenience makes it of special interest to Logistics, Emergency Services, Security, Defense, Healthcare, Maintenance and any area where hands-free access to large amounts of information is necessary.

The Zypad WL1100 solidifies the concept of ubiquitous computing by integrating all the power and capabilities expected from a full size PC within an extremely versatile device. The design allows for flexible ergonomic positioning and easy fastening to the arm, even over the users work clothes, thus ensuring ideal weight distribution and maximum comfort.

The Zypad WL1100 can be quickly confi gured to access any remote host system through its integrated wired or wireless interfaces using either Linux and Windows CE operating systems. Information can be shared and services accessed regardless of location.

The system integrates the latest and most innovative features such as a tilt and dead reckoning system which detects the position of the user’s arm and sets the system to standby mode when the arm is hanging down beside the body.

Seems like that last thing might present a problem if you were using it whilst lying down, but maybe it can be adjusted to compensate.

When you look at the specs, sadly, the Zypad really isn't quite as impressive as my dear old iPhone. The Zypad has only 1284 MB of RAM while the iPhone has 16 GB. Horsepower is similar with the Zypad running an Intel Marvel processor at 400 MHz, and the iPhone running an ARM at 412 MHz.

I'm not sure about getting a PACS client to run on Windows CE. No doubt there's something out there that will work with their version of Linux.

One thing iPhone does not offer, except with aftermarket add-ons, is a ruggedized version. For that, we turn back to Parvus for their Rugged Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer, the Zypad WR1100:

It looks to me like a piece off of Boba Fett's armor:

May the PACS be with you! Always! Everywhere! Well, you get the idea.

No word on price, but I'll bet the Zypad isn't cheap, especially in military configuration.

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Anonymous said...

lol, is this approved by the FDA for mammography? lol