Monday, May 18, 2009

Spock With Sex Appeal?

Things are getting a little out of hand, in the opinion of yours truly, a Centrist/Conservative Trekkie.

I accept the fact that the media is very enamoured with our new President; they helped him get elected, after all, so they might as well hide any buyer's remorse they might have. But Newsweek's Jon Meacham has gone waaaaaay over the line. In an article reviewing a conversation he had with Mr. Obama, Meacham quoted the President as saying, "he saw the new Star Trek recently because 'everybody was saying I was Spock.'" Argggggh! Not Everyone! But the sacrilege goes further:
. . . (H)e appears resolved to keep playing the role—Spock with global sex appeal—that has gotten him this far.
OK, that's just. . . WRONG! Raise my taxes, cut my income, but don't mess with Star Trek! And besides, if you wanted Spock with sex appeal, look no further:

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Anonymous said...

I think you better look at the republicans for the recent cuts in reimbursement for imaging over the last few years, much of the balance budgeting attempts were made on the back of Medicare...