Monday, September 21, 2009

Stage Right

Every so often, I run across a little program or tool that makes my life easier. Dr Martin Crowe, Consultant Radiologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn,Norfolk in the UK has authored just such a program. StageCraft, found at, is a simple little application that helps the radiologist (or clinician) with TNM staging for a number of cancers. Below is the window for lung cancer:

With a few clicks, the TNM classification and staging are displayed. The app is packed with a lot of other helpful information such as the Fleischner Society guidelines for solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN) workup, and simple displays of the mediastinal nodal stations:

I have only one bit of advice for Dr. Crowe: Charge for this little gem! It's well worth it!


Anonymous said...

Great program! Thx for the tip.

Derek said...

can we get this loaded on our computers/pacs?