Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Progress

Who says whining doesn't accomplish anything? 

For years and years, we have been complaining about Centricity's lack of a flag or some such thing to tell us that someone else is looking at a study.  Well, GE finally succumbed to our request.  Behold, The EYE!

We now know that someone else has opened a study, although the only way to know who has done so is to open it ourselves.  But...this is PROGESS!

Agfa and our Agfa-affiliated hospitals have also listened, and made great improvements.  By replacing several pieces of the back-end, and every viewing station (the latter with the new ATI-based Barco video cards), the gang has achieved at least a doubling of loading speeds.  Images appear much faster and scroll much more smoothly.  Linking two series no longer brings the system to a crawl. 

All I can say to GE and Agfa is "Bravo!"  You are closing in on the way our AMICAS system functioned four years ago.  Keep up the good work!


stacey said...

Dang... that's "new"? My former Pacs company was doing that at least 8 years ago...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dalai, not sure if you noticed, but if you hover over the eye and it pops up who has it open. No need to open the study.