Monday, May 31, 2010

Doctor Dalai Is Not Available Right Now, Please Leave A Message...

I've been a little busy lately, which is my way of saying I haven't gotten around to blogging anything for a while.  My daughter graduated from college last week, and I've been working straight through this past weekend.  Thus, there has been little time for amusement.  To top it off, the Dalai family is shortly headed out to points south, and IF I can find internet service (doubtful) I might post from a wonderful exotic location somewhat removed from my usual stomping grounds.

Messages from points VERY far South, Western Australia, indicate some minimal movement on PACS problems.  I hope to have a full report eventually.  I'm still on the schedule for RANZCR in October, assuming I don't get stopped at the airport and turned away for my seditious activities in patient care.  What a story that would make!  One point I need to make:  I am NOT in the employ of ANY PACS company.  None.  Whatever antipathy I have toward certain larGE and AGraFAting companies is borne of my daily use of their products.  Period. 

I am scheduled to travel to Chicago soon to meet with the brass at Merge Healthcare, and a full report will follow.  My rendition of THE CALL from Merge seems to have disturbed some of my readers, and they are assuming I have "drunk the Kool-Aide".  Again, nothing could be further from the truth.  I am certainly willing to be fair, and listen to what Merge has to say, and I will relay that back to you.  Rest assured, as a physician, a radiologist, my duties are first and foremost to my patients, and not to any company.  I will be carefully monitoring the way in which our system is serviced and upgraded.  If Merge fulfills their promises in this regard, and especially if they don't, you will be the first to know.  I can only hope and expect (and to avoid the wrath of my partners who spent a lot of money on an AMICAS installation, I can also pray) that Merge will come through, maybe even with flying colors.

As the Governator says, "I'll be back..."  Be good in the meantime.

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A Doc 2 Be said...

You drink Kool-Aide? Make sure it is flavored with substantial sugar... helps the bad medicine go down better :P

Enjoy your trip! Congrats to daughter!!