Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, SPECT/CT Vendors...

I've got a little money burning a hole in my pocket...

We need a SPECT/CT, and last year, at RSNA, I had the chance to evaluate the main contenders, which are discussed in THIS post. The Siemens Symbia T-16 and the GE Discovery NM/CT 670 appear to be good machines, although I was not that impressed with the sample SPECT data from either one. Siemens probably has the better gamma camera and GE has a newer flavor of CT.  Decisions, decisions.

But Houston (or Milwaukee/Erlangen), we have another problem:  To justify spending what we have to spend on this thing, we will need to use it as a stand-alone CT at least some of the time. So I need a real workhorse CT, one that can do bread-and-butter scanning.  Which in this day and age includes cardiac work. Thus, I need a 64-slicer attached to my SPECT.

Right now, the only 64-slice SPECT/CT is the GE Discovery NM/CT 570c:

The "c" is for Cardiac, and you'll note that the heads are fixed at 90 degrees, with relatively small detector-faces.  But it demonstrates the principal I seek.

So, dear vendors, if you are really interested in selling me a SPECT/CT, bolt one of your fine 64-slice CT scanners to your best SPECT camera, and we'll talk.  

Is there a discount for cash?


nucmed said...

they (both GE and siemens)will tell you that WE don´t need a 64 slice ct /spect,just like GE sometime ago told us that we didn´t need a diagnostic ct/spect.
they really know what WE want!

Anonymous said...

Howz about this nice little unit:

Supposedly available in 2013, if you can wait that long. Buy the 64 slicer that you need, and sidle this baby up to it. SPECT unit uses CZT detectors, very fast imaging, reduced administered doses.

This is the one I want.

Anonymous said...

WHat I really don´t understand is why vendors simply let we choose the spect/ct configuration we want.