Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Village Called
Their Radiologists Went To RSNA

I'm on my now-annual trek to Chicago for RSNA. I go every year now that my daughter is in school up there in the frigid North.

(As an aside, I think I've come up with a wonderful idea viz-a-viz the horrendous weather in places like Chicago and Buffalo. We need to swap cities with Mexico. Chicago could trade places with, say, Cancun, and New York City and Mexico city could easily flip-flop. No? Well, darn..)

I've been bombarded with advertisements from a sampling of the zillions of vendors out there in the imaging space, and you might hear about some of these when I submit The Dalai's to Aunt Minnie. More on that later.

There is one marketing communication that is just so far off the wall, I have to let you know about it even while I'm still in the air.  I won't name the name, but the ad comes from one of the publishing houses specializing in things radiologic. Where they came up with this idea, I haven't a clue, but here's what you could see if you happen to be in the right place tomorrow at the right time:
RSNA Tribute Flash Mob – Monday November 28 at 9:45 AM
Haven't you all wanted to participate in a flash mob? Here is your chance! We have created an RSNA Tribute song (and dance) to be performed on Monday morning at 9:45am right before the exhibits open. If you have never heard of a flash mob, here's the story:

The music ("R-S-N-A" to the tune of "Y-M-C-A" – EVERYONE knows this song!) starts and just a couple of people start dancing and singing along…gradually more and more people join in and before you know it there are a whole bunch of folks rockin' out. So you are wondering what you have to do? Just click on the link below. We've posted the very basic dance steps (don't worry, they are quite simple) with music. You don't have to be a singer – the music has been professionally recorded and will be broadcast at full volume! We will have the expert support of some Chicago college dance students, so you won't be alone and you can just "follow the leader" as they dance! We plan to have a short rehearsal in Chicago. Our goal is to record this to relive the celebration, and laugh (a lot). We are quite sure that this will be a first for RSNA and we feel that it is the duty of all (the) family members to bring a bit of liveliness to this staid and somber meeting.
Here are the new lyrics, butchered sung on YouTube:

And for those far more coordinated than I, here are the dance instructions:

I'm probably going to be in an educational (OK, I'm trainable if not educable) session when this goes down, so I'll expect reports and links to videos of the actual event.

Frankly, I think I need to pervert rewrite YMCA myself...

Hey Doc, My Ass Hurts, Oy Vey!
I need me a CT TODAY!
Ummm...never mind...

Addendum...It actually went down!

Hat tip to Ken from Fovia.

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Anonymous said...

When will "YMCA" finally die? Soon I hope. Love the spunk of the Flash Mobbers though.