Friday, August 10, 2012

Ummm...Ahem...Agfa? Are You Listening?

One of my friends in Western Australia sent this in just today:

Usually little point mentioning it these days, but it’s almost midday Friday, and the Public Hospital Agfa PACS has been down (again) across all public hospitals since about 5pm yesterday.

C'mon, Agfa, you can do better than this. OUR system runs the vast majority of the time. What's the problem in WA?

Your silence is deafening.


Celticpiping said...

Man, that's an unbelievable situation down there..
I wonder what's at the root of their problems?
Too bad our guy couldn't go down there, he'd have em' fixed up....

Anonymous said...

There are noises that the WA Govt is now reviewing other RIS/PACS solutions due to the ongoing debacle with the current solution? Can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Through this blog I have heard of the problems in WA.

However, I'm curious.... what is the scope of the problems? Is it software problems (client/server process crashes)? Is it undersized hardware? Is it single points of failure? Is it network?

Agfa has a large pool of some of the most talented people I have had the pleasure of working with so I'm asking because I have to question is the delay in diagnosing the problem (root cause analysis) or in procuring equipment to solve the problem? I have not heard personally (internally) what the scope of the situation is (but I'm in North America).

I have to believe that Agfa is doing everything it can and as fast as it can to resolve the problems there.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding biased - CelticPiping - i believe these issues are beyond help. A simple Nuke is in order for much of this system - that would certainly solve the issue rapidly.