Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I just received this comment on the "Mouse and Keyboard" post:

Walter Stevens has left a new comment on your post "The Mouse And The KeyboardA Radiology Fairy Tale": 
My father is a radiologist and I'm constantly astonished by his hospital's slow decision-making abilities. They are interested in providing quality care to their patients, but are often not willing to spend the money to invest in good pacs systems that will actually GIVE the patients the care they deserve. 
If you were to click the link hidden in the mis-capitalized phrase "pacs systems", you would be sent to....NovaRad!

I will nicely request that NovaRad cease and desist from posting this not particularly clever form of blogspam. It isn't appreciated, and it really tells us a lot more about your product than you want us to know.

Just ask DelawareRad.


James Brown said...

The first thing that struck me on viewing the NovaRad website was their a glance it looks alot like the monster from the first Alien film...perhaps they have similar aspirations?

Paul McCoubrie said...

Yep, they've been at it elsewhere

I left the bogus comments undeleted

David Clunie said...

Yeah, they just tried it on my blog too, with the following text supposedly from Dexter Morgan, with the phrase "pacs system" being hyper-linked to a NovaRad site:

"Thanks for writing such an in-depth article. I have been studying the pacs system and have noticed that it is very helpful in the medical workplace. Where can I find more information?"