Sunday, August 04, 2013

PACS Memorabilia Contest!

I'm just back from Canada, having taken Mrs. Dalai on a quick cruise of the St. Lawrence waterway, starting in Montreal, and ending in Boston. There is some truly picturesque territory up there, and some not so much. Of our brief glimpse of Canada, I'd have to say Quebec City and Halifax were my favorite spots. We might have liked Bar Harbor, Maine, if we had been able to actually see it, which we couldn't because it was completely fogged in. Oh well, we had some very nice lobstah with buttah at the Bah Hahbah Club, which made up for everything else.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might recall that we had a bit of trouble getting to Montreal. Our Delta flight had to turn around an hour into the flight due to a problem with steering of the main landing gear. The only thing worse than having to turn around for a "maintenance issue" is being met upon landing by about three dozen fire engines stationed about the runway, lights blazing. Ironically, the landing was one of the best I've ever experienced on Delta. Another plane was made available, and we reached our hotel in Montreal uneventfully at 4AM.  Did you know that the bars in the Atlanta airport close on the stroke of midnight? And when they close, they CLOSE. No amount of begging, whining, or exaggerating the situation into a near-death experience would budge the bartenders into sneaking me and Mrs. Dalai something to calm our nerves. Oh, well...

Now that we're home, we have to get back to the drudgery of life, which includes trying to clean out years of stuff stashed all about the house. While putting away the laundry from the week at sea, I stumbled across the piece of PACS history pictured above. Yes, kids, it's an official polo shirt from the late, great Dynamic Imaging! It was given to me years ago. Either they only had 2XL, or someone thought I was more obese than I really am.

Rather than donate it to the local charity, I thought someone out there might want it, as I should think it's pretty rare by this point in time. Rather than just give it away, I thought I would add a little catch. The shirt will be sent postage due paid, to the person who submits the best brief essay on the topic

"The Lessons of Dynamic Imaging". 

No restrictions of any kind are imposed on your submission, save for the fact that it must be sent in via the comment field, as I don't want any crayon-on-paper-bag formatting, or the like.

If I get no entries, the shirt WILL go Goodwill, and some residentially-challenged person (no offense intended) will be enjoying this museum-quality piece of PACS history.

I await your beautiful prose!


Hussein Alsayiegh said...

All what I know is that this shirt will fit me :)

I think GE's move to acquire Dynamic Imaging was the best move. No more deadly FDA recalls since then and here in Kuwait GE is selling PACS IW like hell. The product is much stabllier than centricity PACS with all it's RA1000 workstations and all DICOM application servers (DAS)
However, and as usual, those big giants often kill the innvoation in the development team the day they acquire it. Furthemore, the pioneers of the product normally act on self defense mode to assure their job for the next couple of years. They try to keep documentation away from new people and avoid giving good training to them.

I think that was a good move for GE amd a bad luck for the market in general.

Anonymous said...

DI was one helluva competitor for us back in my AMICAS days. They were tough. They had a great customer service mentality - whatever it took to keep the customer happy (and their KLAS scores high), they did. They were super-aggressive on price as well, plus they had a damn good product. In the NY Metro area, they were a force to be reckoned with. I didn't like them much back in the day, but I certainly respected them....JE

Anonymous said...

I think a good lesson learned from DI is:

"Never forget that the customer is the #1 priority." And I mean, living that, not just saying that. From the top to the bottom of the company.