Monday, July 27, 2015

Nothin' New

I wish I had something new to report on our current PACS issues. Sadly, I do not.

The Team of Experts from the Vendor, including the fellow who probably knows the software best of anyone in the entire world and beyond has been working feverishly. Things have been tweaked, caches have been cleaned, cookies have been baked, red heifers have been sacrificed, and the moon has been howled at.

Nothin' new. Bupkis. We don't seem to be getting anywhere. What hasn't been done to my knowledge is taking a workstation (or laptop) straight to the data center and plugging in right into the server. That might provide a hint as to what part the network and hardware might play in this little fiasco. Of course, the fact that the darn thing works near-perfectly (relatively speaking) when accessed from a regular old home broadband connection might be another clue. Yes, Colonel Mustard did it with a candlestick in the parlor. But hey, a clue is a clue!

When there's some news, I'll let you all know. But don't hold your collective breath.

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Hussein Alsayiegh said...

Actually, your pain is due to a very bad habit of many technical support guys "Not listening to users" !! Users are far better that any log file we look into when we do troubleshooting. User's collective experience may mislead some times but often it leads to the shortest path to solve an issue.