Saturday, August 08, 2015

And We're STILL Not There Yet

Despite rosy, glowingly positive reports from IT and Agfa, implying that all is well and the rads are once again fat and happy, we continue to have difficulties.

This morning, my poor, suffering bosses (formerly partners) who were on Saturday call report this amusing scenario:

Now at hospital for over one hour. Still unable to read studies. Worklist now opens in the upper left screen about the size of a postage stamp. I am able to expand it to the size of the screen. Worklist however does NOT open studies to be viewed; in another words, we see no images, just a worklist. And I have done the usual reboot four times on four different computers.

You'll be glad to know that this glitch, which affected all three guys on call, was finally fixed by bouncing all three production servers. How long that will keep things going, I haven't a clue.

To be fair, much has improved, with speed improvements at most sites. I find I no longer have to turn off annotations to scroll through a CT series, which is huge. But we are clearly not out of the electronic woods as yet.

I am told that the improvements have come because of various maintenance procedures, cleaning out this, redoing that, etc., etc.  You might ask, why weren't these things done before the radiologists started acting out? That, dear reader, is a VERY good question...

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