Friday, December 18, 2015


Hey, Dad!

What, Frasier?

There isn't a lot of time, Dad, and there's a lot to say. The vet will be here pretty soon, you know.


Yeah, Dad. I'm almost 17 years old, damn old for a Jack Russell Terrier, and I'm not doing so hot. I know you see it when you look at me.

Yeah, Fras. I know. I had hoped you didn't understand.

I put on that dumb face so you won't worry about me. But it's OK, Dad. Really. I'm ready. I can barely breathe, I can't eat, I can't stand up anymore. I'm not having a very good day, and I'm tired. Really, really tired. It's time. We all know it.

I'm sorry, Frasier. We don't want to let go of you. You aren't hurting, are you?

Nah. Just uncomfortable. But this whole  dying thing is darn undignified, you know? Why you humans keep yourselves going when you've reached this state is beyond me. If you really loved your loved ones like you love me, you would let them go in peace. Personally, I'm looking forward to it.


Cut it out, Dad. No tears, please. OK, maybe a few if you must. I know you and Mom and the kids (and even that little devil dog Sophie) love me. It's been a damn good life. I don't have any regrets and you shouldn't either. Really. Loved our walks, loved sleeping in the bed with you, licking your pillow (even when you yelled at me for it). I really liked the frozen yogurt on my birthday, and the occasional McDonald's cheeseburger and fries. It's all good. It really was.

You are a very good boy Frasier...

Yeah, I tried my best. At least you never played that stupid human game of "Who's a Good Boy?" I can rest knowing that I was.

Will we see you again?

Ha. That's the Big Question, isn't it? Wish I could tell you. Jewish law is kinda vague on that. Supposedly, there are 5 kinds of souls. Animals have the most basic version, the life-force. That goes back to G-d. Humans have all 5, and they say go to a different part of Heaven.

I hate to disagree with you and the Rabbis, Frasier, but I'm pretty convinced you have a human soul, too.

Hope you're right, Dad. I've always thought so, but I'm just a dog. If so, we will meet again. But even if not, I'll be back with G-d which is a fair trade-off, don't you think?

We love you Fras... Godspeed.

Love you too, Dad. Don't forget me, but don't grieve too much. I'll be fine. I promise. And you will too.


stacey said...

Soooooooo Sorry!

A Doc 2 Be said...

He's waving his paw at you, just look up. So sorry for your loss :(

Unknown said...

We had to put our 18 y/o cat down last week too. I feel your pain. :(

Iceman said...

That was simply an amazing tribute to Frasier. My heart broke reading it, but at the same time, my heart sung as I felt the love between you and your boy. When we sign up to take on a pet, we also sign up for the inevitability of that day when we have to say goodbye. The love and adoration along the way outweigh the pain of the loss, but the pain of the loss is unbearable nonetheless. With tears in my eyes, I send my love to you and your family and my sympathies for your loss, and I also wish, for Frasier, never-ending days in doggie-paradise, which is a place I envision in my head that is pain and stress free and a helluva lot of fun. Godspeed Frasier.