Friday, May 06, 2016

Siemens Health-Imagineers

From Siemens comes this press-release:
Today Siemens Healthcare unveiled its new brand name Siemens Healthineers. The new brand underlines Siemens Healthcare's pioneering spirit and its engineering expertise in the healthcare industry. It is unique and bold and best describes the Healthcare organization and its people – the people accompanying, serving and inspiring customers – the people behind outstanding products and solutions.

"We have an exceptional track record of engineering and scientific excellence and are consistently at the forefront of developing innovative clinical solutions that enable providers to offer efficient, high quality patient care. Going forward as Siemens Healthineers, we will leverage this expertise to provide a wider range of customized clinical solutions that support our customers business holistically. We are confident in our capability to become their inspiring partner on our customers' journey to success", explained Bernd Montag, CEO of the company. "Our new brand is a bold signal for our ambition and expresses our identity as a people company – 45,000 employees worldwide who are passionate about empowering healthcare providers to optimally serve their patients."

As part of its Vision 2020 strategy Siemens AG announced nearly two years ago that its healthcare business would be separately managed as a company within the company with a new organizational setup. Siemens Healthineers will continue to strengthen its leading portfolio across the medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics business while adding new offerings such as managed services, consulting and digital services as well as further technologies in the growing market for therapeutic and molecular diagnostics.

The name of the legal entities will remain unchanged.
I heard about this new moniker a few days ago, from a friend high up in the Siemens hierarchy. It took me a moment to place the term, and then I realized why it sounded familiar...From the Disney Imaginations website:

About Imagineering
Walt Disney Imagineering is the unique, creative force behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts that dreams up, designs and builds all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships, real estate developments, and regional entertainment venues worldwide. Imagineering’s unique strength comes from the dynamic global team of creative and technical professionals building on the Disney legacy of storytelling to pioneer new forms of entertainment through technical innovation and creativity.

The name “Imagineering” combines imagination with engineering. Building upon the legacy of Walt Disney, Imagineers bring art and science together to turn fantasy into reality and dreams into magic.
I really think this is an incredible way to view healthcare software, although maybe a little difficult to roll off the tongue. Still, I predicted a cooperative effort of this sort way back in 2008...

It's far better than someone else's motto..."ImaGinE It Works..."

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stacey said...

So, Health + Engineering=Healthineer. NO imagination.

The German companies are always a bit “weird” when it comes to naming things…I don’t think they quite grasp the connotations of what they do, in English.
Syngo….(Synergy To Go all compressed-DumB)
Tiguan (Tiger and Iguana combined… Why? What is admirable about an Iguana and why would I want something that doesn’t function in the cold to be my car’s legacy?)
Tourag….Named after a desert people but sounds like Toe Rag to English speakers…