Monday, May 09, 2016

YUVGE Disappointment

Our Universal Disappointment has been updated to the latest and greatest, Version 6.x. I should have been more wary, as a certain other Version 6.x has led to a lot of Pain And Constant Suffering. But no, I was optimistic. After a YEAR of having to reopen examinations four and five times to make all the images load, lo and behold, the New and Improved Universal Disappointment did indeed fix the problem. And even more exciting to us, it seemed to be more generous about showing saved measurements as well. We thought we were back in business.

Now, that's not to say that UV6 fixed everything. We still have windows covering over windows, and the measurement tool and the scrolling tool do not play nicely together. We could have lived for another year with that, if we really had to. But, no, we had to find another, far worse problem.

Last week, the second week of UV6 deployment, things started drifting downhill. We would get an occasional presentation state error when loading old PET's for comparison. No big deal.  But today, things took a nose-dive. We can no longer load ANYTHING, new or old. We get these rather cryptic messages instead:

Someone want to tell me WHO the F... Dakota might be? Are we talking about Dakota Fanning? What would she have to do with my PACS? North Dakota? South Dakota? Is that where GE keeps its cloud? Must be raining up there.

We are dead in the water, once again proving Dalai's First Law:  PACS IS the Radiology Department. No PACS, no exams, no patient care.

GE, you should be ashamed. You made us wait a YEAR for this update that fixed a "coding problem" that should have been fixed 51 weeks ago with a minor hotfix. NOW you deploy a faulty upgrade that has taken us down completely? Really? Don't you boys and girls ever even test your software before unleashing it on the masses?

GE took a fantastic product, Dynamic Imaging's IntegradWeb, and ran it into the ground. I can promise this particular site will NEVER purchase anything from GE again, and if anyone asks me in my waning years about GE products, I won't have much nice to say.

UV now earns the dreaded Dalai Do Not Buy designation. No surprise.


We're back up. The problem was "a setting got changed that made the system look in the wrong places for things." Perhaps it was checking Fargo and not Rapid City.


Unknown said...

So who changed the setting?

Anonymous said...

We have absolutely no idea who changed it! GrEmlins?

g said...

Do you routinely use the Advanced Visualization integration in UV? What is your experience so far?

Anonymous said...

We will as soon as it's activated...for which I'm not holding my breath..