Saturday, October 22, 2016

Made It!

Well, here I am in Ghana!  Everyone I've met so far has been great, save for the lady who was quite convinced that I had her suitcase at baggage claim. The lady at Customs wanted to be sure my suitcase full of medical supplies was indeed that, and no doubt seeing my two rolls of Charmin within upon opening the case convinced her that I was on the up-and-up. Mack and Teddy from Korle Bu IT retrieved me from the airport and negotiated the rather treacherous night traffic here in Accra to deliver me safely to Dean's Guest House, near the hospital campus. I've settled into my small but serviceable room, unpacked, and opened up a nice big Club beer, the local brew. I'll meet the other team members tomorrow. Erin is a rad tech instructor and Brian is a GE PACS administrator who has been here for a week and has quickly adapted to the Merge 7.x system. Who knows? Maybe he'll advocate for changing to Merge back home!

Tomorrow will be a down day...I'll try to get acclimated to the time-zone and the bugs. (Haven't been bit yet!!) Perhaps we'll go exploring, although that might not be the best idea...

But come Monday there is work to be done. Based on Brian's reports to the gang back home, Korle Bu is actually quite far advanced in things IT related. I'm hesitant to give my "Laws of PACS" to the residents, as there seems to be a good relationship to IT, but perhaps they will find it interesting to see what we go through back home. 

I've been up much of the past 36 hours (it took almost exactly 24 hours to get here via Amsterdam) so allow me to collapse on my bed with Sleep-Number equivalent of about 300 and rest up for whatever tomorrow has to offer.

Morning note...While editing this piece this morning, the power at Dean's has gone out three times. I'm told this is pretty common. It's amazing what we take for granted back home...

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