Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Life Imitates Art: Apple Listens to Doctor Dalai

I'm sure this is all my doing. Remember my April Fool's Day post a couple of years ago about the "NEW Apple EMR"?

Well, it seems Apple has taken the hint. From Healthcare IT News:

Rumors are at a fever pitch that Apple has big plans for healthcare, including putting a medical record on the iPhone, possibly acquiring its way into the EHR market.

From its leap into healthcare in 2014 with its HealthKit application programming interface in September 2014 to the June 19 revelation of Apple’s work with the tiny start-up Health Gorilla, Apple has made a series of moves in healthcare that clearly indicate the company has plans for the space that will somehow manifest on its mega-popular iPhone and iPad products.

Here’s a look at how Apple got to where it is today in healthcare.
The article proceeds to describe recent Apple acquisitions in the healthcare space which appear to point to an eventual (huge) presence in the HIT realm:

I'm going to direct you back to the original article, titled, "Timeline: How Apple is piecing together its secret healthcare plan" for the details, but suffice it to say, they are pretty clearly targeting the healthcare market. An EMR is the next logical step.

Could Apple PACS be lurking in the wings out there in Cupertino???

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