Wednesday, July 20, 2005

One Brief and Shining Moment....

My apologies to the late Richard Harris....

I am really amazed at the traffic generated by the article. Comments have been generally positive, usually something like, "I didn't know PACS could be funny!" I seem to have the attention of a significant number of those in the PACS community, and I would like to put that to good use while it lasts.

It seems clear that there is a disconnect between the designers and (Radiologist) users of PACS interfaces. I'm not sure why this is the case, as it seems logical to consult your end users before creating a huge software product. I don't want to indict any one particular company, but some do a better job than others of giving us the clear interface and powerful tools we need to slog through the day's work.

For the moment, lots of users, and not a few vendors are dropping by to see what foolish thing I have posted this time. Now I'm sure you all realize that is is possible for you to post comments here, and I really, really, REALLY encourage you to do so. It's simple; just click the word "COMMENTS" at the end of each posting. Perhaps this blog might be considered a "safer" place to post complaints or suggestions for the vendors, and for them to post answers. This happens on the boards to some extent, but I think some are hesitant to post there. So, come here and let it all hang out. Don't hold back, say what you really think. I certainly haven't even begun to describe everything that would go into a perfect system, but if I can get input from as many of you as possible, maybe we can get closer to that ideal product.

Now, if you will excuse me, the boys want me to get back to the Roundtable, I mean my PACS station, and generate some revenue.

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