Monday, September 19, 2005

Wanted: PACS Guru

Beard and baggy pants optional. My projects are suffering due to the other obligations of hospital personnel, and a few other reasons I won't go into at the moment. I need someone with proven expertese in PACS, RIS, networking, computers, and especially in dealing with whiny doctors. Experience with Amicas products would be a distinct advantage. My project currently consists of an Amicas server piggy-backed onto an Amicas database SAN at one of our hospitals. I need to expand this, and ultimately create a free-standing system, located off of hospital grounds. This position is equal opportunity for those of all species and planetary origins. It includes full benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience, but unless you are the CIO at your place, it will likely be higher than what you are making now. Please send preliminary responses to "nucleon(at)". (If you don't know what to do with the "at", you ain't no guru!)

I have had several leads on gurus that didn't work out, mainly because many of the possible candidates wanted to stay where they were for some strange reason. Some likely possibilities just didn't yet have the adequate level of expertese to hit the ground running.

This is your chance, folks, to work side by side by side (look at the avatar!) with the most horrible, oops, I mean most honorable, Dalai Lama of PACS! Chances like this don't come around twice! Well, maybe not three times?

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