Thursday, December 01, 2005

Impax 6.0: My New Favorite.....

....just kidding. Had you guys from Agfa going there, didn't I?

Seriously, I got in at 3AM this morning, thanks to Mesa Airlines, an illegitimate offspring of United, which cancelled my flight home after delaying it three hours. I will post much, much more on this and related topics from my RSNA visit. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog. Some price info would be nice too.. We have been comparing many systems and find they range from 25k-85k for a web-based pacs. Some require multiple computers and still run clunky. The newer ones run on a simple dell server and are smoother and faster than the multi-computer dinasaurs. Many seem to emphasize "audit trails" and "administrator screens" while the viewer seems an afterthought. Almost like the Radiologist is of minor importance. I am so tired of hearing salesmen tell me "our panel of docs like this viewer". As far as viewers, we have found that the Merge web system and the Integrad system are the best (by far). But Integrad is so over the top price wise that it does not compete. Anyway, thanks for a great blog.