Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pictures At An Exhibition...

Here are a few of my photos from RSNA:

First, of course, we have the PACSMan, Mike Cannavo, and Dr. Dalai, together at the booth. We were overwhelmed with visitors for our "Meet and Greet" least three or four of our fans showed up, and fortunately none brought rotton vegetables. Maybe the close proximity to the ScImage booth (visible just to my left) drove the rest away.

MissPat, one of our PACS administrators did come by to lend moral support, for which I will be forever grateful.

These are some of my favorite booths. I don't have enough blog space to show photos of the Siemens and GE displays, which were each something like a city-block in area...well, almost, anyway. Check out the Emageon "Tunnel of PACS Love".

The Amicas booth was way in the back, and one needed this big green, um, symbol, to help find it.

I liken RSNA to taking a drink from a firehose. There are at least 50 things going on at any one time that you would like to attend. I did make it to a few educational sessions, including one about PET and SPECT brain imaging. Below is a PET scan from a patient with Alzheimer's Disease, photographed from the back of the lecture hall (obviously). My brain probably looks like this about now:

One of the vendors told me what RSNA actually means:

Real Software Not Available

That actually was the case here and there, with various products and upgrades set for release sometime in the future. The majority of what I looked at was available now, or so I was told.
RSNA has just about reached critical mass to this small-town boy. There were lines and crowds everywhere. Thirty minute waits for cabs, trains, lunch, etc., were the norm. Fortunately, McCormick Place has a zillion bathrooms, so no lines there. One observation you won't see anywhere else: At least one in three or four cellphone users on the exhibit floor were using Palm Treo 650's. Personally, I prefer my PPC 6600, but to each his own.
There was a tremendous variety of PACS available on the exhibit floor, and I was only able to get an in-depth view of a few. I'll be reporting on these shortly, along with the Agfa Impax 6.0 addendum you've all been waiting for.....

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