Saturday, February 04, 2006

Adult Image Detection

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Every so often, I succumb to the urge to click an ad on a Google search. This morning, I decided to "scan my computer for unwanted porn". I guess there must be some way to tell the difference between "wanted" and "unwanted" porn. I ran the scan, and about all it found were articles and references to mammography stored on my computer. Wow. (Those were "wanted", by the way.) I wonder if it will report you if you have nekkid baby pictures of your kids on your computer.

The website itself had this interesting note on their technology, called Adult Image Detection: "An advanced algorithm is used to detect adult images by assessing skin-tone levels and distribution." The image above gives you the idea, although I'm not sure the young lady's epidermis was detected by this algorithm, or just with something like Photoshop's magic wand tool for the example.

The process might lend itself to the radiological world. I know there is a lot of work being done in CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) and such. I use one form of this for mammography, but honestly, the machine misses more than it finds, and flags stuff that isn't there. Maybe something simple like looking for contiguous bands of density (like a subdural bleed) would be a start.

Just a thought. You never know where you might find ideas for new approaches to things.

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