Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday,!!

Neither the cake nor the child are mine, but you get the idea...

To be accurate, the first post went up on 1/29/2005, but I didn't start logging visitors until 2/18/2005, so that is the date I'll use for the "anniversary".

How far we've come in a year. I'm still tussling with Fuji, Agfa, and GE, still trying to get Amicas accepted at more places, and trying to get them to add a few important items, and I'm still at odds with most of the IT departments I work with (or work for as they seem to see it.) I did manage to get rid of ScImage in the past month, and we did get a "guru" on board at last.

Look for more interesting and weird developments in Year 2!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Doc!!

Dalai said...

Thanks to the poster from BRIT!