Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Those New To The Field....

As a public service, here are some corporate misconceptions that need to be cleared up....

3mensio---is not a women's problem
Amicas---is not a Chinese manual calculator
Barco---has nothing to do with dogs
Bracco---is not the sound of retching
BRIT Systems---is not British
Cardinal Health---has nothing to do with the Vatican
Cedara---does not refer to pleasant-smelling trees
CHILI GmbH---has nothing to do with spicy food
Dell---is not where the farmer lives
Eclipsys---does not blot out the sun
Emageon---is not imaginary
Empiric---does not relate to Ceasar
Fluke Biomedical---does not deal with parasites
GE---is not an exclamation of delight
Intelerad---is not the opposite of stupid rad
Hologic---is not how streetwalkers reason
Kaiser Permanente---is not the king for life
Mayo Clinic---does not diagnose Hellman's
Novarad---does not deal with lox
PACSGEAR--is not a wheel with teeth inside your PACS
Picker---is not a little boy with a dirty finger
Proscan---is not a place for golf experts
RamSoft---is not a male problem
Siemens---has nothing to do with boats
Shimadzu---does not deserve "Gesundheit" in response
SoftMed Systems---see RamSoft
Stentor---is not one of those heart artery things
Stryker---does not require scabs
Sun Microsystems---does not make miniture stars
Swearingen Software---is not found in courtrooms
Thinking Systems---still requires humans
VIDAR Systems---does not make anything for Geordi LaForge

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