Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Amicas Gets New Prez....

My friend Peter McClennan, President and COO of Amicas, apparently will depart that position at the end of the year. I was tipped off last night to check Amicas' SEC filings, and discovered this:
(b) On October 1, 2007, AMICAS, Inc. (the "Company") notified Peter A. McClennen, the Company's President and Chief Operating Officer, that the Employment Agreement between Mr. McClennen and the Company dated March 28, 2005 (the "Employment Agreement") would not be renewed. The Employment Agreement provides that either party is entitled to give written notice of an intention not to renew the Employment Agreement prior to its expiration date, December 31, 2007, provided that such notice was given within a specified time frame. Mr. McClennen's employment with the Company will cease as of December 31, 2007
I think that's legalese for "they are parting ways".

I've come to know Peter over the years, and he is very capable and personable. He has nicely overcome his GE background and I think really helped to put Amicas on the map. I would hire him if I could afford him, which I can't.

I have only two bones to pick with Amicas as run by Peter. First, he appears to have supervised the removal of the beloved Green Amoeba logo:

The replacement is just not as catchy:

Secondly, Amicas has blamed DRA-2005 in large part for lackluster sales. I have had some discussions on this topic with some of the other execs at Amicas, and I guess we'll agree to disagree.

Dr. Steve Kahane, Chairman and CEO, will take over Peter's duties come January. Steve is also incredibly capable and personable as well, and I'm sure he'll do just fine. He is no newcomer to this sort of thing, having headed Datamedics and VitalWorks in the past.

I hope Peter doesn't go back to GE, but if he does, maybe he can turn around some of the mentality that gave us Centricity as it exists today. (More on that in an upcoming post!) Best of luck! I'll be glad to write a letter of recommendation, although a letter from this Dalai Lama might not be exactly helpful....

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