Sunday, October 28, 2007

Intelerad Is User 50,000!!

On October 26 at 9:14 AM EDT, someone from Intelerad in Montreal, Quebec, became user number 50,000. Congratulations to the lucky reader. I'll be sending out your prize momentarily. You are now the proud owner of a 30-day trial version of the InteleViewer Workstation software! What's that? You already have one? Oh well...

We continue to use InteleViewer quite successfully at our site that still has no PACS. For $500 annually, I think it beats eFilm hands down. Frankly, for $5000 annually it would beat eFilm hands down. Outside of open source software, this is the best deal around for the smaller operation.

October has been the best month yet, and it isn't even over! Check out the stats:

If you guys keep reading, I'll keep writing. What a deal!

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