Friday, November 30, 2007

Amicas Lands MedQuest, Agfa Gets Premier

Normally I don't report stuff like this, but I thought this particular blurb was noteworthy.

MedQuest operates 92 imaging centers around the South and West, and they went looking for a PACS to improve productivity for their rads and clinicians. MedQuest is owned, by the way, by Novant which owns a significant chunk of healthcare facilities.

MedQuest operates totally in the outpatient space. I'm sure they were hurt by DRA-2005, but obviously, news of the demise of such operations is a bit premature. As was predicted by many folks, DRA simply forced such companies to operate more efficiently, and they chose Amicas to help with that task.

I wonder if MedQuest is considering running all 92 sites from one server? It can be done, you know....

Agfa got a big one too, but it is a little more in the realm of a potential big deal. This article from HealthTech Wire notes the "three year, multisource" contract to provide Enterprise Image Management Solutions (EIMS) to the "alliance's more than 1,500 member hospitals and 49,000 other healthcare sites." The relationship goes back to 1995, the Dark Ages of PACS.

If I understand correctly how Premier works, this is not a guaranteed sale of 50,500 installs (I don't think all the vendors put together could handle that), but rather simply a pricing deal, offering significant discounts to the member hospitals. Feel free to comment if I'm wrong about that. Still, it's nice to be on someone's good list for a change, right?

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