Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Weird PET Scan


Above, you will find the uncorrected and the corrected coronal images from a recent PET/CT scan performed on a GE Discovery ST. The patient is a young man in his 20's with newly-diagnosed lymphoma. There is some distortion in height due to the way I saved it, so ignore that. Notice, however, the intense, diffuse, homogeneous skin activity. This is not unusual for a non-attenuation corrected image, but we should not see this degree of activity in the corrected version. The study was repeated the next day with the same result. The patient had not eaten, wasn't cold, and had even been given Ativan. GE says nothing is technically wrong, and the patient must have something wrong with his skin. I asked the Siemens apps people, and they said there was obviously something wrong with the processing. Do I detect a little bias?

I'm at a loss here, folks. Anyone have any ideas???

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. I can only offer a suggestion as a physicist - does a TLD show any activity?