Saturday, January 26, 2008

Agfa's Pryor Retires, Stone Takes Over

As reported within the last few days, Bob Pryor has stepped down from the helm of Agfa HealthCare Americas, part of Agfa- Gevaert of Mortsel, Belgium. Details are pretty sparse, but apparently Mr. Pryor has chosen to retire. I can find no reference to his departure on the Agfa website itself as of tonight, 1/26/08, but I do expect one shortly. Barry Stone, currently COO, will step up to the plate. According to Healthcare Informatics, "Pryor joined Agfa with the Sterling Diagnostic Imaging acquisition in 1999. Pryor leaves behind a 34-year career in the healthcare field."

Well, OK, maybe it's time after all. (This coming from someone with a retirement count-down clock on his blog!)

I had the chance to meet Mr. Pryor at RSNA in 2003, when we were looking for a replacement to our elderly Impax 3.5, and Agfa was near the bottom of our list for various reasons. He told us that "Agfa had dropped the ball, but that they were ready to pick it up and run with it." After our other choices more or less eliminated themselves, we had the chance to find out how true this claim might prove. You've read the saga that followed in my earlier posts.

Good luck to Mr. Stone in his new position, and of course to Mr. Pryor in his new endeavours.

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