Saturday, January 26, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

The MD Buyline reports ( are rather pricey reviews of medical hardware and software, generally not available to those of us too cheap or too poor to buy them. Fortunately, Dynamic Imaging, rightly proud of its Number One status, has made these reports available for the past few years. Now, of course, DI's product has a different name, but we won't talk about that. Here are some exerpts from the 2008 report, and the 2007 version. I'll leave it to my astute readers to spot the differences. (Hint...look at the First Place and Last Place entries for both years.) Congrats to all my friends at DI!


Vendor Composite


Vendor Composite

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MedGrade said...

Buy your way to the top...its a nice business strategy if you can swing it!

wonder how long till it filters its way back to the original spot