Friday, June 13, 2008

I Have GOT To Have This!!!

The definition of "killer app" is different for everyone, but to me, it signifies a piece of software that is so good, you have to go out and buy it (and the platform it runs on if you don't already have that) yesterday.

MIMVista, creater of advanced imaging software, has produced the MIM iPhone Application, and this is my killer app, my excuse to run right out and buy the new iPhone3G, scheduled for release on July 11.
The MIM iPhone Application provides multi-planar reconstruction of data sets from modalities including CT, PET, MRI and SPECT, as well as multi-modality image fusion. Using the multi-touch interface, users can change image sets and planes; adjust zoom, fusion blending, and window/level; and measure dimensions and SUV.
Lemme at it! Now, my contract with AT&T says I'm due for a new phone sometime in December, but....there are ways, there are ways.
The iPhone3G now uses AT&T's faster 3G system, and has GPS chips built-in.
It's definately prettier than my Blackjack II. Now whether it's actually more functional remains to be seen. Look for my report sometime in July. Or December.
I just received an email response to my query about MIMVista and the iPhone3G. The text follows. There was actually a brochure attached, but I can't open it on this convention computer I'm borrowing....

Q: When can I test drive the MIM application?

A: Apple said it will be releasing the iPhone 3G on July 11th and launching the App Store in "Early July". So, the exact date is unknown. Mobile MIM will only be available through the Apple App Store or iTunes.---------------

Q: What will be the cost of MIM?

A: The first Mobile MIM (for referring physicians & hopefully patients) will release at no cost, free.---------------

Q: What features will be in the first MIM application?

A: The features made available in the free Mobile MIM (for referring physicians) will likely be image display, fusion, blend, window/level, zoom, and a few other items. This release of the free Mobile MIM is not intended for diagnostic purposes.---------------

Q: What about the measure mode and other features I see on the internet?

A: Another fully featured MIM application is in the pipeline and will be released Q4 2008.---------------

Q: What about security and HIPAA?

A: To ensure patient privacy, all communications between the Mobile MIM and the MIM Workstation/Server software will be transmitted over a secure encrypted connection. The MIM application will also make use of password locks, tamper-prevention features and will encrypt the patient data on the iPhone / iPod touch.---------------

Q: Will MIM support DICOM Query/Retrieve or DICOM Send?

A: No, we do not plan on implementing this for two reasons: Security & Simplicity.---------------

Q: How does patient data get onto my device?

A: Patients are transfered from a MIM Workstation and/or Server.---------------

Q: What if I do not have the MIM Workstation / Server Software?

A: You will need to buy or demo the MIM Workstation / Server Software. For the time being, only sites that have MIM Workstation/Server software can send data to a iPhone / iPod touch. The free Mobile MIM will install on the iPhone & iPod touch with 1 or 2 pre-loaded patients, so users can experience the Mobile MIM application.---------------

Q: What happens next? and who will contact me?

A: All feedback has been assigned to a sales rep and/or engineer at MIMvista. Mobile MIM should be on the App Store when it is launched by Apple. Please contact us with any questions.-- The MIMvista Team

I'm currently in New Orleans getting some SNM....that's the Society of Nuclear Medicine, perverts! No doubt MIMVista has a booth here. I'll report more tomorrow.

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