Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Nuclear Oasis

I told a minor mistruth in the last post. It seems that a company called Segami has a product called Oasis that does much of what MIMVista's fusion product offers. I'll let you peruse their literature via this link.

Seeing it in action is impressive, but somewhat less so than the MIMVista product. Yes, it would link two studies, but some of the landmarks did not quite match as well as those on the MIMVista demo product. Could MIM have used better scan data? Maybe. Some of the tools on Oasis were a bit less intuitive at first blush, especially those that are used to alter the registration that I would have hoped to have been perfect when performed automatically. It did propogate ROI's from the old study to the new, as does MIM's, but not quite as well. There seems to be no deforming option, nor is there use of gradient-based edge detection.

I was told the system was web-based, and if you have more than one user, it is sold as a client-server operation. I didn't get a price on the PET module itself.

However, as it turns out, Segami writes the software for the Philips JETStream computer, which replaced the venerable ADAC Pegasys machines. We need a bunch of them, as our Pegasyses (Pegasi?) are rather old and decrepit at the moment, and Sun Workstations are just so 1990's. I was quoted a price for the client-server software, an adequate number of licenses, and the PET/CT product thrown in which was less than the price of one and one-half JETStream workstations from Philips. Now, whether the Segami product can do some of the special things offered by Philips, such as the rapid-acquisiton ASTONISH protocol, is yet to be determined.

As for PET/CT, I'll give MIMVista a 9.5, and I'll give Oasis an 8.5, based on limited exposure. You can rest assured, there will be more to come on this topic.


Miro said...

Hello Dalai

Im nuclear medicine resident and I follow you for a long time.

I have one question.

What is roughly price for one solid nuclear medicine general software with cardiac include.

Best regards

Dalai said...

Sorry, Miro...I've been out of the purchasing end for so long that I really have no idea of costs these days.