Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blog Competition!

I've been talking with Mike Cannavo for years about blogging. He kept threating to start his own blog, while I kept urging him to ghost-write for me, or at least contribute outright to my illustrious blog. Well, he has finally gone off the deep end with his very own site, so allow me to introduce you to PACS-aholic, "An intoxicating look at the PACS industry".

Mike is not going it alone, unlike your intrepid Dalai. No, he will be working with "Ms. PACS":
Now for the true identity of Ms. PACS - underneath the smoke and mirrors, Ms. PACS is Cristen C. Bolan, the Editor of Imaging Technology News (ITN) magazine. ITN is read by Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists who want the latest news on technology for the hospital and outpatient space.
Mike, of course, is no slouch himself (posture non-withstanding):
You may already be familiar with the notorious PACS guru - the PACSman. Michael J. Cannavo earned his reputation as the PACSman for his more than 22 years of experience advising healthcare facilities and providers on the essentials of PACS in the healthcare enterprise.
Mike may be best known for his series of "Exploring PACS Secrets" on, and PACS-aholic promises to extend the expose' into new and uncharted territory. The blog takes the point-counterpoint format as seen in the Weekend Update segments of Saturday Night Live, wherein Dan Aykroyd would respond to Jane Curtin by calling her an ignorant . . . well, you know. Fortuately, Mike and Cristen are much more civil.

Being sort of a PACS-aholic myself, I'm looking forward to some great information and entertainment. Good luck, and welcome to the blogosphere, kids!

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