Friday, September 12, 2008

Further Down The Green Brick Road

As a Centricity user, I have wondered how the "Centricitgrad" integration is progressing. As I still have friends at GE (well, they used to work for DI, but...), I was able to get the official inside scoop:
It has been 11 months since GE Healthcare acquired Dynamic Imaging, and operationalized their business within GE as “Dynamic Imaging Solutions”. Since the announcement, both Centricity PACS, and Centricity PACS-IW (formerly Dynamic Imaging’s IntegradWeb PACS) have both enjoyed success in the marketplace – gaining healthy shares in the various market segments.

While Dynamic Imaging Solutions continues to operate as a separate business unit within GE Healthcare IT’s Imaging Solutions division, the fruits of the consolidated, global engineering efforts are already showing significant progress.

GE is leveraging and integrating a number of technologies (i.e., PACS-IW Web client technology, RealTimeImaging’s advanced streaming technology, previously acquired by IDX/GE), to provide a powerful, Web accessible, diagnostic capable viewer that communicates directly with the robust Centricity PACS infrastructure. At GE’s user group conference, the GE Healthcare User Summit in Washington , D.C last month, 13 customers experienced a preview of our work-in-progress (WIP) and provided invaluable feedback to our product mangers and engineers. The response was very positive, as the new capabilities and diagnostic workflow will benefit radiologists as well as many major clinical areas.

The formal product reveal, currently a WIP, will require FDA 510K clearance prior to release due to the interpretive capabilities of the viewer. GE is excited about our great progress and customer feedback thus far. Our next steps are the clinical pilots, with culmination of our 2008 activities at RSNA in Chicago .
I always thought IntegradWeb had good streaming capabilities, but perhaps they have been improved. I guess we'll see more come RSNA.


Anonymous said...

Gaining share from whom?

Anonymous said...

Regarding streaming, Dr. your opinion, please. When a referring physician is looking at your final report and images, how do they know if you looked at the complete image or maybe you stopped the pixel display from streaming because you had seen enough and were confident in your observation? Maybe if you let it stream a little more, would some other pathology appear? I wonder what an attorney would do with knowing that it is next to impossible to know whether a Radiologist allowed streaming to proceed to 100% or maybe just 60%?

My point the right answer to be able to see the complete image and be able to repeat the exact display of said image over and over?