Saturday, October 04, 2008

Some PACS History

David Clunie has a new post on his blog that goes deeper into PACS history. As with many things technical, the US Military spec'ed out some of the early versions, in this case giving us the ancestors of Centricity PACS. This post, and the reproduced RFP itself, is a recommended read for all involved in PACS, and might have been a good resource for various folks in the USPTO.

Has anyone else noticed the explosion of patent-infringement suits in the last few weeks in the medical imaging arena?


Anonymous said...

YES! Patent "trolls" as they call them....and they are out there purchasing and enforcing frivolous patents. Most unfortunate Mr. Dalai.

SpideyKnows_Sales said...

I have had to do some extensive checking into patents around "healthcare". GE has a lot of them, and I'm continued to be amazed at what our government will issue a patent's shocking, but then so was the $700B bailout of the same folks who put us in the this mess in 1999...but I now I'm off point.

GuEss who has a patent for a RIS & PACS that run on the same workstation?