Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Siemens' Viable Alternative

Break out the caviar! Brought to you via, with only a minimal degree of joviality, here's a little preview of Siemens' enviable new offering at RSNA, based on the new syngo.x platform:

It's WAY too early to have a real name for this, but you don't need to drive over a viaduct to get here. It might even be visible on your VIAO. Hopefully, you won't need any Viagra to enjoy the experience.

I've had a brief close-up preview myself, as the second test installation (it's not yet on our production side) of the new system was just completed at our Agfa hospital. The integration with IMPAX seems to work well, which was no trivial feat of conviviality. What we have is a server providing a thin-client 3D application, launched from the IMPAX viewer. Right now, we have the basic tools, with VR, MPR, etc. However, I was shown previews of the more advanced functions that hint at a level of automation that could make this product the leviathan to beat in this space. The Siemens RSNA Preview page suggests an enterprise-wide syngo.x global, uniform application the size of Bolivia. In particular, this new standard is set to give us the next generation of Siemens PACS:

Can I have my images automatically opened in 2D, 3D and 4D?

The new PACS solution* combines 2D, 3D, and 4D reading – enabling fast reading in any dimension – together in one place. The system features case-specific reading, automatically knowing when to call up specific applications. It remembers users’ preferences, sorts images accordingly, and allows users to adapt reading tools and layouts to their needs. Due to its flexibility and minimal hardware requirements, existing hardware can be leveraged and storage capacity can be easily added.

* The information about this product is being provided for planning purposes. The product is pending 510(k) review, and is not yet commercially available.

Sounds a little like Amicas 6.0.

Anyway, there's more to come! Hopefully, I won't be accused of bloviating.

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