Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visage Responds

I raised the question prompted by GE's claim about the approval or lack thereof first with some of the principals of Visage and Promedicus whilst at RANZCR. It was their opinion that their product was indeed kosher, if I might use that term. Malte W., the CTO of Visage, sent this response to my recent post:
Dear Dr. Dalai:

On behalf of Visage Imaging I would like to respond to the points you have raised in your posting of November 12, 2009.

The Visage PACS/CS system is cleared by the FDA for the purpose of diagnostic viewing. The ‘Intended Use’ as shown on the FDA web site includes reviewing of medical images, both locally as well as remotely and in distributed environments.

As your blog so effectively demonstrates we now live in a world where nothing is remote and "remote review" should not be a compromised special case. Therefore the Visage product line expands beyond traditional system boundaries by providing a single platform that combines traditional PACS functionality and advanced visualization in a truly integrated fashion. Visage allows for full fidelity diagnostic reading, both locally as well as over the network. It offers basic to advanced image access and image manipulation to your referrers, all on the same platform.

Visage Imaging's R&D team has continuously improved the technology to optimally exploit slow networks for diagnostic image viewing at the highest possible image fidelity. In the end, the outcome is what really matters for the actual user. That is, how fast is the system in all the relevant network scenarios, how easy is it to use, does it have all the required features? For primary interpretation image quality must be uncompromised. In other situations it may be desirable not to wait for a full fidelity image if a compressed image is availably more quickly. Visage supports both.

In the end users should judge by themselves which of the "smart" technologies meets their requirements best. Visage Imaging is looking forward to continuing the discussion at RSNA and invites everyone who is interested to take a look at the Visage solution. Please come to the Visage Imaging booth #8320 (Hall B) and judge for yourself what levels of versatility, quality, and performance the Visage platform provides.

Yours truly,

Malte W.,
Chief Technology Officer, Visage Imaging

I have yet to hear from the rest of the vendors in question. Thanks for your response, Malte. Sadly, I won't make it to RSNA, but I hope to learn more about Visage 7 soon!


Anonymous said...

Reagrding this post and the "shootout" between Tera and Visage........was Vital invited? There Web product seems robust enough to compete.

Anonymous said...

They were proably invited, but their reps couldnt figure out how to use their own product in time for the demo. Just too confusing :-)