Monday, October 19, 2015

IBM Goes Mac!


IBM, at one time a Windows PC heavyweight, is now deploying Macs internally and is seeing a precipitous drop in helpdesk calls.

How precipitous? Only 5 percent of Mac users call the helpdesk, compared to 40 percent of PC users, according to Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM, who spoke about the program at a conference held recently in Minneapolis.

Based on the positive results, IBM is now rolling out Macs to its employees at a rate of 1,900 devices per week. The tally so far for the four-month-old program is 130,000 Macs and iOS devices into the hands of IBM employees, according to a post from JAMF Software’s user conference, where Previn was speaking.

And IBM is managing all of those devices with a tiny staff of 24 people, which comes to one helpdesk person for every 5,400 devices. . .

One of the ironies is that IBM was a PC pioneer in the early 1980s and subsequently became one of the largest Windows PC suppliers in the world. IBM eventually sold its PC business to Lenovo and over the last decade has become a software and services company.

This on the heels of IBM's purchase of Merge Healthcare to feed images to Watson. Talk about a string of really good decisions! If it weren't for antitrust laws, the next logical step would be for Apple to devour IBM and then gobble up Microsoft just for grins. Take that, Bill Gates!

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