Sunday, October 18, 2015

Meeting and Networking

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Early July:
Radiologists complain about deteriorating PACS speed and function. Loudly. Note that access via Web from outside the enterprise over <50 MB line works far better than connecting within the enterprise.

Mid July:
Just completed the assessment of where the reading stations are physically connected to the network. Confirmed that not only are they connected to newer switches, but every connection between the core switch and the actual devices are clean. All connections are running 1000 Mbps and Full Duplex, there are no errors on any of the ports between the core switch and the reading stations. Checked the WAN connections and those links are clean as well.

Physical network connectivity has now ruled out as a source of slowness.

Early August:
The overall global performance issues have been resolved through updating servers, workstations, and tweaking settings according to best practice configurations.

Early September:
Radiologist insists on plugging workstation directly into server at datacenter. Voila! Perfect performance!

Mid September:
  1. Network: Switched Virtual Interfaces migration to new core infrastructure (removes extra hop/loop in datacenter - to be completed by end of September). We do not know if there will be any perceived impact or benefit, but it is within the realm of possibility. 
  2. Network: Installation of additional 1 GB connection between campuses and data center (escalated with vendor requesting to have completed by mid-October)
  3. Cisco engaged to perform network assessment (to begin after above network changes are in place) which will be analyzed and Radiologist feedback obtained to determine next steps for long-term measures if image retrieval performance is not resolved through the accomplishments by the end of November.

Late September:
Switched Virtual Interfaces migration to new core infrastructure removes extra hop/loop in datacenter.  Likely that the change will not be seen by the end user.  WAN Upgrade with installation of additional 1 GB connection between campuses and data center waiting on date, anticipating mid-October.   Improved bandwidth will improve network performance.

Mid October:
“We don’t need Quality of Service (QoS) for PACS as PACS only uses 30% of the existing 1GB bandwidth, and that hasn't been a problem.  The additional 1GB upgrade had been planned since last year.

Draw your own conclusions.

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stacey said...

So... the network was perfect but then it wasn't, and now it will be but you guys don't need it anyway? Did I miss something?